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Flaherty slams Boston City Council for rejecting police intel funds amid latest shooting 

Boston Herald, By GAYLA CAWLEY September 18, 2023

Hours after the latest mass shooting in Boston, City Councilor Michael Flaherty took another swipe at his colleagues, who voted down $2.5 million in state grants for the investigative arm of the city’s police department.

Mayor Michelle Wu has refiled the three $850,000 grants, for fiscal years 2021, 2022, and 2023, that were rejected by the City Council, via a 7-5 vote, last Wednesday, and filed an additional $850,000 grant from FY20.

Although the state continues to earmark this grant funding for the Boston Regional Intelligence Center, to improve technology aimed at fighting crime, gangs and terrorism, the council continues to vote in opposition, leaving the police department unable to access the funds.

"My hope is that the Boston City Council can back up their thoughts and prayers with giving you guys the resources and to foster that partnership,” Flaherty told police leaders at a Monday morning hearing on gun trafficking, referencing the sentiments several councilors shared about the prior night’s shooting in Dorchester.

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Boston City Council rejects $2.55M set aside for police department intel 

Boston Herald, By Gayla Cawley, Dated September 13, 2023.

The Boston City Council, in a post-election flurry, voted to reject $2.55 million in state grants earmarked for the investigative arm of the city’s police department.

City Councilor Michael Flaherty had pushed to suspend the rules and pass three grants for $850,000 apiece for the Boston Regional Intelligence Center, for the purposes of improving “technology and protocols related to anti-terrorism, anti-crime, anti-gang and emergency response.”

“These funds are vital,” Flaherty said. “They’re needed to thwart anyone looking to do harm in our city.”

Mayor Michelle Wu had filed communications for the grants for the day’s City Council meeting, for fiscal years 2021, 2022 and 2023. The Council voted to reject the grants in FY21 and FY22, and did so again Wednesday, via a 7-5 vote.

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Boston City Council considering new ways to curb gun violence 

Boston 25 News By Robert Goulston, September 18, 2023, WBUR.ORG

Boston is considering a new strategy to try to curb gun violence. The City Council held a hearing to get public feedback on requiring local law enforcement to put together an annual report on exactly where guns are coming from.

Boston police say they regularly pull guns off the streets. Boston City Councilors are now looking at a new ordinance that would help put what police know about these guns into an annual report.

Council President Ed Flynn and Councilor Brian Worrell, out of District Four in Dorchester, are backing the idea of tracking guns more closely.

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Boston Police Peer Support Unit 

The Boston Police Peer Support Unit and Critical Incident Team has proven to be a valuable resource to many officers from many agencies in addition to our own so if you or anyone you know needs assistance take advantage of this resource. You can call 617-343-5175 during business hours or our 7 days a week 24 hour a day hot-line which is 617-594-9091 and remain confidential. You do not have to tell us your name and you may ask any questions that you want in order to feel comfortable in coming forward or we can give you references to other resources. You can also call about another employee, who may not have seen emails regarding services, that you are concerned about and we will make a subtle attempt to offer them services.

The Boston Police Peer Support Unit has joined with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to create the Boston Peer Support Quiz. this is a safe, easy way to learn whether stress and depression might be affecting you. Using this service is completely voluntary and confidential. No information will be shared with the Boston Police Department. This is not an emergency response system. If you are in crisis or contemplating suicide, please call an on-call Peer Counselor immediately at 617-594-9091 or dial 911.

Do not suffer in silence,

Sgt. Joe King

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