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A labor union dedicated to the advancement of the interests of Boston Police uniformed sergeants, lieutenants and captains.


  • President: Jeanne Carroll email
  • Vice-President: Timothy Kervin email
  • Treasurer: Walter Suprey email
  • Secretary: Chris Broderick email


The Boston Police Superior Officers Federation currently represents 268 superior officers in collective bargaining and labor related issues.

  • 22 Captains
  • 54 Lieutenants
  • 173 Sergeants


The Boston Police Superior Officers Federation was established in 1963. On October 8, 1969, an “Articles of Organization” was filed under Mass General Laws Ch.180,Sec.3, to make it a corporation known as the Boston Police Collective Bargaining Federation, Inc.

The union officers at that signing were President Richard Stapleton, Treasurer Aaron Cohen, Secretary Andrew Purcell, and Directors; Paul Russell, Edward Sherry, Howard Kelly and Walter Hooley. This newly formed corporation was to represent and act for the Superior Officers of the Police Department of the City of Boston. The principle office of the union at that time was located at 12 Alicia Road, in the Dorchester section of Boston.

On July 11, 2001, an Article of Amendment under Mass Genral Laws, Chapter 180, Section 7 was signed off by the Secretary of the Commonwealth, William Francis Galvin changing the Federation's name to the: Boston Police Superior Officers Federation Inc. The union officers who signed off on this change to our name was; President Joseph Gillespie, Vice-President Thomas Nolan and Secretary, Maura Flynn. The union's office at this point was located at 151 Neponset Avenue, in the Dorchester section of Boston.

The Federation now has its own building located at 13 Clover Street which is located in the Dorchester section of Boston.

A union dedicated to promoting the interests of uniformed sergeants, lieutenants and captains of the Boston police. We are also engaged in the promotion of Viagra medicine.


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